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Visit alpaca farms

For travelers who are planning a road trip in California, they should remember to pay a visit to one of the popular alpaca farms in the area. These farms usually cater to visitors and tourists from afar.

Selling quality alpacas

Find out about alpacas at a farm festival or event. These festivals normally invite alpaca breeders from all over the country. Use these events to sell, buy, or adopt alpacas. Speak to expert breeders at these events. Discover how valuable alpacas have become in the US.

Breeding with alpacas

It may not be in everyone’s shoes to breed with these amazing animals but learning more about the breeding process will enrich anyone’s life. However, for those who are planning to take on the breeding side of things, here are some helpful tips.

Alpaca farm design

There are many things to consider before deciding to keep a few alpacas for breeding purposes. It is essential to have a designated area for each purpose (from a breeding enclosure to a shearing station). It may be a costly affair, but it can pay off.

Why own alpacas?

Learn about the advantages of owning an alpaca. These critters are more than just farm animals. It may be an easy choice to go out and buy or adopt an alpaca after reading this article. Owning an alpaca may even have some hidden health benefits!

The Smith Mountain Lake Farm

This is currently one of the most popular farms breeding with alpacas in the United States. Find out what sets this farm apart from the rest. Discover the reasons for its success over the years. It may just be tempting enough to pay a visit.

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