All about alpacas

Welcome to this informative site, where you can learn more about breeding with alpacas. Discover why alpacas have become a valuable investment for Americans.

A brief history of alpacas in the US

Before 1980, alpacas were mostly found in zoos or parks. The first people to privately import alpacas only did so in 1980. They acquired about ten alpacas from England. In 1984, another breeder imported a herd from Chile.

This was shortly followed by many others importing the animals. The breeding of alpacas by private individuals saw a sharp increase in the years to follow. The individuals who initially began importing alpacas arranged a meeting in 1986 to form an organization. In 1987, the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) was established.

Today, there are literally thousands of alpaca breeders in the US. There are about 50,000 alpacas across the United States, from Florida to Alaska. The states with the largest number of alpacas are California, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. 

A breeding pair is valued at between $5,000 and $30,000, depending on the quality of the breed. Stud males can go for $10,000 upwards. These prices are so high because the alpaca is still quite rare in the United States and because they breed fairly slowly. Even young geldings can start from $500 upward.

The alpaca industry is still set to grow in the future, and alpaca breeders are becoming more prevalent across the country.