Many sources in the US indicate that investing in alpaca ownership may be one of the most popular industries today. Individuals who are passionate about the alpaca industry should consider paying a visit to the scenic Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia. 

The Smith Mountain Lake Farm is a quality breeding facility that specializes in selling and breeding with alpacas. 

Show-quality alpacas

The well-known farms boast alpacas bred from quality bloodlines. Their breeding programs adhere to some of the highest breeding standards in the industry.

The farm has everything for those who love alpacas. The property currently owns more than 70 purebred alpacas. They do everything from breeding to creating products for business enterprises. 

The farm even features competitions, host shows, and agri-tourism events. They basically specialize in everything to do with alpacas.

There are some pure champion breeds going by the names of Hemingway, Sinopsis Nocturna, El Padre, Patagonia’s Nishio Legacy, Royal Fawn, White Out, Vinicio, Bueno, Rickson, among others. Some of these animals have even been on television.

Buy products

The farm procures some of the most sought-after products in the industry. They even have a clothing line called Alpaca Fashion designs and an educational facility to teach the whole family about the industry. Their fashion shows are known throughout the country. The fashion shows occur annually in March.

Some of their products are distributed to Pendleton, including their comfortable pillows! 

Visit the farm 

The farm also provides visitors with a great educational opportunity to learn more about the history of alpacas in the US and why they play an important role in the economy today. There are literally thousands of visitors to the farm annually.

Visitors can receive guided and interactive tours daily that is suitable for the entire family. Groups can even hug, feed, and hold baby alpacas. The tours are designed for the whole family. Interested groups or individuals can book a tour in advance. Visit the Smith Mountain Lake Farm to learn more or to book a tour.

The Smith Mountain Lake Farm